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Test Club (founded by Alexander Pushkarev) is a Test and Test Automation focused community with the goal of providing independent secondary (and, potentially - primary) research and sharing a verifiable, reliable knowledge.

Here we aim to:

  • Publish know-how - certain things and approaches that did work in a specific context, with the indication to an area of applicability;
  • Summary of the scientific researches proving or disproving specific points of view regarding certain open questions in Testing and Test Automation.

More information about Test Club is coming soon.

Test Automation/Automated checking hub

Test Club
Subcutaneous test  -  a faster alternative for Selenium-driven automation
Is TDD Effective?

Test Automation Framework Architecture

No architecture
Layered architecture
Layered architecture examples

Testing/QA hub

Test Strategy Example


Feature test model
An example of Subcutaneous test pattern
Several ways to address flaky tests issue

Coming soon:

ETL and Dataware house testing approaches Test pyramid and test automation efficiency Characterization tests
An example of Layered quality-gates approach
Clean-architecture of the infrastructure and CI/CD code

About Alexander Pushkarev
Alexander Pushkarev CV
Alexander Pushkarev blog
Alexander Pushkarev publications on Meduim

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